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I’m sick again, for the nth time this month. I’m having difficulty breathing through my nose, and my lungs feel constricted. I wasn’t able to go to work yesterday, just stayed home and hoped that the bed-rest would be good for my health.

On a positive note, I was finally able to get the peace and quiet that I’ve been longing for; a tranquility that writers often seek but rarely get. It was nice to be working at home. Unlike in the office, where a normal day is divided into a series of distractions (i.e. you are given a new task by your boss, there are letters to send to people for interviews, or a co-worker distract you with a video of a kitty and a dog fighting on Youtube and he says you have GOT to see it, etc..), working at home shuts off all these. It’s just you and your laptop, getting everything done in an hour and a half whereas it normally takes a whole working day to finish everything. And forget about the stuffiness of being in your office clothes -- at home, no one will care if you are in your SpongeBob boxers as long as you get things done.

I wished I worked at home more. But then again, that is the kind of privilege that you only get once you’ve attained a high position in a company. Consider it the Filipino yuppie’s equivalent of the American Dream: to do you job at the comfort of your home, at your own time and pace sans any distraction. Heck, if that happens, I might even finally show up on time for work.


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