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Ode to writing
I’m suffering from a serious connection problem. I can’t seem to get in touch with the other bloggers in the blogosphere.

My friend says that I should put myself “out there” more, like a door-to-door salesman peddling my wares. It makes sense-- if I’m serious about a future career wherein I am able to reach and affect the public with my writing, I must at least grab a handful of readers with my blog. Otherwise, my blog will just be a dead space in the corner of the internet; a collection of the author’s juvenile rants to an invisible audience. The time will come when the Internet decides to reclaim its lost baby (my site) and probably convert it into something profitable, like another 9GAG site.

I never knew how anti-social and introverted I was until I looked at my LJ Friends page. It’s so quiet and empty here that you can actually hear cicadas chirping on my comments page. In fact, I don’t think anyone will read this entry anyway, so even if I insert a subliminal phrase here no one I lost my virginity to a pillow will notice.

Maybe it’s because I have nothing to sell? But then, that’s not true either. My blog has been selling something ever since its conception and that is writing advice. As far as I know, most of my entries talked about writing: the struggles, the process, how to deal with writer’s block, how to start a story (and consequently, leave it unfinished), finding your muse, etc. I even recently included a story on being unprepared for an interview, which will go into an imaginary section of this site titled “What NOT to do as a journalist”. While other blog tackle fashion, food, movies or the inanities of life, rare are the blogs that take on writing and the struggles of being a writer.

Of course, I’m not delusional enough to think that I am an authority on that subject matter. In fact, it’s the opposite. I know so little about it that any new writing experience intrigues me, to the point that I would dedicate a blog entry to it. I love writing so much that I had unwittingly made it the center of my Livejournal (which is even named “Sideways Writing.”Go figure) Most of the time, the entries would contain my philosophy on writing. In some occasions, it would be a simple rant about being a writer. Whatever the topic may be, “writing” seems to be the recurring theme.

So, for any bloggers that may have accidentally stumbled on this site, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and urge you to stick around a bit longer. I know you are fans of writing, and this blog is my personal ode to that wonderful craft.

I may not offer any reviews on popular restaurants, recent movies or the latest fashion trends. What I can give you is the story of an aspiring writer, who is wholeheartedly chasing after his dream.

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Not mean to be creepy or anything but you are one of the reasons why I still write. Just... sayin'. You know.

Wow,that's really uplifting to hear. :) Thank you and I hope I don't disappoint.

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